Brain is an important functional part of our body. It is composed of millions of nerve cells and meninges. The brain cells are responsible for regulating and controlling major activities in our body like:-

  • Regulating involuntary activities like breathing by brain stems.
  • They help in regulating voluntary activities like body movement and muscles movement by cerebellum.
  • They are responsible for regulating sense organs – emotions, sight, ears, taste, feeling (cerebrum).

To get more familiar with cost of brain tumor treatment in India you need to get more familiar with its types and symptoms.

In general primary types are considered as malignant. These are also the types that are believed to have cancer cells or may lack them. This type of tumor is triggered within the tissue of the brain cells. It may trigger at any point in the body but may later on shift to grow within the brain cells.

Important points to keep in mind

  • There certainly is no age limit for any person to start suffering from brain tumor at any particular age.
  • No known cause of this type of tumor has yet been recorded by professionals.
  • One of the most common factors may include over exposure to radiation energy or past family history.

Signs and symptoms

In general, the signs of brain tumor may vary from one individual to another. A lot depends on the exact location of the tumor and its size. In some cases patients my start suffering from regular headaches, numbness in legs or other body parts, memory loss problems, seizures, personality changes, mood alterations, vomiting, nausea, alteration in hearing, speaking or sight.

The brain tumors also classified depending on its seriousness from Grade 1 to Grade 4. The doctors determine the tumor and categorize it into grades depending on the type of cells observed under the microscope. Most severe type of brain tumor will have abnormal cell distribution.


This is one of the most common types of brain tumors observed in most adults. It is triggered within the cells and membranes that surrounds the spinal cord or brain.

Children of certain age are more prone to develop Grade 1 type of brain tumors termed as stem glioma, glioma and medulloblastoma.

Diagnosis and care

Doctors conduct a neurologic exam for helping in diagnosing certain types of brain tumors. You can collect details related to brain tumor treatment cost in India online over the internet.

In this type of diagnosis surgeons make use of CT scan (Computer Tomography) along with MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging). Some may also suggest undergoing spinal tap, angiogram and biopsy.

The exact treatment is based by the neurologists depending on a number of conditions including age, health, tumor size, location and type. Some other treatments may include using chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery or combination of all.

Most doctors say that one of the most effective ways for treating brain tumors is the supportive care. This is important for the patient both before and after the treatment for fast recovery.

You can also try and approach the method of clinical trials for the patients before undergoing treatments.

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