Although it is an added expensive, nothing captures your baby’s big day like hiring an expert videographer to document every moment. Still images can provide a moment in time, they are also great keepsakes, but they don’t have the same impact as a video. They allow you to enjoy the moment as it was, and not just as a picture. Here are a few reasons to hire a baby videographer for your kid’s event.

Movement & Audio Appeal

There is nothing wrong with hiring a photographer to take pictures of your child’s first birthday party or first play at school. It is nice to have images of the event captured frame by frame, but you can’t do much to alter or adjust these images, apart from photoshopping. Videos include movement, they show how your kid performed on the day and not just how they looked doing it, video footage also includes sound. You get to hear your child laughing, and enjoying their day with family and friends by their side.

Emotional Impact

Still images have a certain type of impact, but they don’t capture the event as well as a video recording, you can gather certain emotions from pictures, but you might not always be correct. If you have a video, you know how your child was feeling during the day, you can easily assess the film and it provides more of an emotional impact as opposed to pictures. Videographers can also edit the film and condense the movie down, so it just features all of the main parts of the day, so if you are making a documentary about your kid’s first birthday, they can edit the piece and have it in steps like:

  • Setting up decorations around the house.
  • Capturing the environment before everyone arrives.
  • Friends and family entering the party.
  • Surprising your kids as they enter the home.
  • Opening their gifts.
  • Blowing out the candles and singing happy birthday.

High-quality baby videographers from Proud Daddy Moments provide an exceptional service when it comes to filming your kid’s special day. They offer an affordable service which doesn’t compromise on quality. They know how to create a video which will capture the true atmosphere of the event, allowing you to watch the piece over and over for enjoyment.

You Won’t Miss Anything

Every parent knows that running your kid’s party can be stressful, you don’t have time to enjoy every moment of the day because you are too busy running around looking after guests and attending to your child’s needs. You often miss some of the funnier moments of the day, but with a videographer, you at least have the whole day captured on film. If you missed something, you simply catch later on video.

Hiring a high-quality videographer is a perfect way to capture an important moment in your kid’s life, still images don’t quite have the same effect as films. You don’t get the same feeling from looking at a picture as you do from watching a movie. There are several great reasons to hire a videographer for your baby’s big day.