Yeah, we’ve all seen them (and even more on the roads nowadays than ever before), those unpowered vehicles known as “trailers” that are being put to good use in practically every corner of Great Britain. Safely being towed and joined to the vehicle in front, they provide for extra space and are extremely useful when wishing to move many items at anyone time.

  • For example,let’s say you are driving to a holiday home for perhaps a week or a fortnight, with all of your luggage packed in the back on a trailer, this makes for loadsof extra room for all passengers inside the car.

Various Designs

Car trailers have been uniquelydesigned and developedfor the task of hauling cars from here to there and you will often see them being put to use for cars which are involved in motor sports.

Folk who are seeking flatbed trailers in Yorkshire, such as car transporter trailers, cattle trailers or plant trailers, will,with a little research, find them at a local reputable company which specialises in them.


Out there on the market, there’s also second hand(used) car trailers, which can sometimes be as good as a new one if they meet lawful safety regulations.

  • Anyused trailer must be rigorously examined for any type of damage, even though in many cases, they are in good condition and the ownersjust no longer use them anymore.

Therefore, if you’re interested in purchasing a used car trailer, think about the design, condition, and features before buying.

Two Design Types

  • There are two different types of car trailer and they will really only differ in their design.

The “open” typeis smaller and more fundamental, while the other one is covered, much larger and offers more protection from outside elements.

The Open Car Design

The open car trailer is a fixed or tilt bed trailer bearing an open top. Usually, this model has no sides, and if it does, they are relatively low.

  • When vehicles are going to be hauled on this trailer, they have to be safely held in place with very robust and durable straps.

These trailers don’t require toomuch space and can snuglyfit inside a standardgarage and can be transformed into a basic covered car trailer by simply using a tarpaulin trailer cover.

Covered Car Design

The covered car trailer is enclosedbywalls and a roof, both of which are beneficial when hauling a vehicle overthe winter months or during rain storms.

  • Some covered car trailer designsfeature a backdoor which can switchthe trailer into a practical garage!

And indeed some people actually do make use of their covered car trailers instead of using their garage for extra protection from the weather. (Especially when they have more than one vehicle)

So, no matter which kind of trailer are considering,ensure that you consult with a reliable local specialist company.