It is likely that your eyesight will deteriorate with age as the structure of the eyeball itself begins to change. Such changes will be gradual so it may be the case that you won’t be able to detect them without the help of an optician.

It is for this reason that regular check-ups are necessary as an eye examination is a great opportunity to assess the overall condition of your health. We’ve outlined several symptoms in this article which are a definite sign that a visit to your local optician is due.

Blurred Vision

Disrupted vision is quite often a sign of something much more serious.A blood clot in the brain for example is a prime cause of reduced vision which may present itself in a series of symptoms such as blurred vision.

If left undetected and untreated, permanent loss of eyesight can be experienced as well as the serious consequences of the illness that caused the vision problem.

Floaters and Obstructed Vision

Seeing small objects in your vision which aren’t there is a potential sign of more serious problems. Such objects are referred to as floaters which are small pieces of the surface of your eye which have become detached. Floaters are a part of the aging process but the presence of a significant amount in a short space of time points to something more serious.

Obstructed vision where you’re unable to see out of a section of your eye also needs to be assessed immediately.

Progressive Blurred Vision

You will often find that many eyesight problems present themselves gradually, making them all the more difficult to detect. You might have recently noticed that you’re unable to read a book from the same distance that you always have been or that the text on the page has suddenly become blurry.

This is a sign that you need a new eye examination which will help diagnose the cause and recommend corrective treatment.

Severe Headaches

There are several reasons that we might be experiencing frequent headaches, from high blood pressure to other health complications. All of them suggest that there is an underlying issue that needs to be addressed.

High blood pressure can lead to deterioration in your eyesight and is also common in those that suffer from diabetes. An advanced eye test will tell you if you are a diabetes sufferer where the appropriate treatment can then commence.

Locate Your Nearest Optician

Medical experts suggest that we have our eyes tested at least once every two years. If you’re alreadysuffering from a pre-existing medical condition, it is suggested that you increase this frequency to every six months.

Your GP will be able to refer you to a suitable optician if you have never made use of one before. Alternatively, you can perform a web search query along the lines of eye care near me which will bring up a list of clinics in your area.Simply book an appointment where you’ll benefit from an eye test with the results available on the same day.

From Berkhamsted to Bourne End, you’ll be sure to find an optician near you that can help.


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