Securing your home or business is vital to prevent intruders from gaining unauthorised access to your premises. There was close to 50,000 residential burglaries alone in the UK last year, if you add commercial property burglaries to this statistic, you have a truly alarming figure. To avoid becoming a victim it is imperative that you take steps to effectively secure your premises and reduce the risk of theft and unlawful entry.

Here are some excellent ways to property protect your property from criminal activity.

Access Control

Access control is basically controlling the movement of people into and around your premises. There are specialist companies in the UK who can custom design access equipment which can be fitted to numerous areas in and around your building. For example, if you plan on restricting access at your front door, you can have a key code panel or audio entry phone installed there to ensure only key personnel gain access to your premises. You can also use a fully integrated system which is controlled by an individual from their own PC, this means they control who enters the building and who gains access to certain areas from a single location.

Alarm Systems

There are two types of alarm systems you can have installed on your premises, one keeps intruders out, and the other is designed to detect smoke. Both of these systems are created with one purpose in mind, protection.

  • Intruders Alarms

Intruder alarms are used to stop unauthorised personnel from entering your building, they protect your property against criminal damage and burglary. Some of these systems can be integrated to work with other equipment such as CCTV (closed circuit television).

  • Fire Alarms

Alarm systems aren’t just used for stopping unauthorised individuals from accessing your property, they are also important for protecting your building against fires, either due to arson or non-criminal related incidents.

Barriers & Security Gates

These features once installed on your premises provide several benefits to your company, apart from the obvious, they also save you money. You won’t have to hire out expensive mobile patrols if your property is protected by state of the art security gates and barriers. If your business is based in the South East of England, you can contact a professional security company to install a vehicle barrier in Cambridge or any other city in the region. They are perfect for restricting entry into areas like company car parks.


Surveillance systems are one of the most effective ways to protect your property from burglary, vandalism and unauthorised entry. In addition, CCTV is also a great way of monitoring your staff and other activities throughout your premises. It can be installed as either a fixed or wireless system, and installation comes at an affordable price.

There are several ways to improve security measures around your property, each one mentioned above is designed to safeguard your premises from unauthorised entry, theft and vandalism. The best way of protecting your business or residence is to install all of these features to ensure added protection.