Mannequins are used to display clothing in stores. This is usually in a person’s shape, in fact a full-size dummy. A display mannequin normally includes a complete human body and is made in different materials such as plaster, wood, fiberglass or wax.

Display mannequins are found in every clothing store in the stores front windows aiming to show off the newest fashions in the store. The display mannequins are expected to have well-fit clothes in life-size. These mannequins represent full figures with legs, arms, head and torso. The display mannequins save space, take less room space, but are versatile as they display entire outfit right from hat to shoes.

Mannequin types

The mannequins are kept in display represent fit people. This is a way of flattering the physique of the model and the clothing is favorably displayed.

  • Display mannequins that are made in fiberglass are easy for mass production and highly durable.
  • On the other hand the plaster mannequins are equally good, but break easily. Yet, if handled correctly, it can come for a longer time.
  • Wooden mannequins are sturdy than the fiberglass and plastic mannequins, but are less common and time consuming to make. These were common prior to the plastic mannequins manufacturing.
  • Wax mannequins are found in museums and are very rarely seen to display in stores as mannequins.

The mannequins for display are a fascinating way of showing clothing. In fact, it offers a clear idea of how clothing will look when wore by a real person. Thus, the shoppers are benefitted.

A free entertainment is window shopping and now after the appearance of display mannequins, things have changed as it draws people to buy the exact dress as in the display. This pleases the shopkeeper as the display mannequin brings in more sales. However, this also refers to an art that creates first impression on viewers transforming them into buyers. Here are few tips, make the best use:

  • Work with art students or professional window designers. This is because they have the skill to create a window display that is inviting.
  • Be a window-shopper; keep your eyes alertly open to window displays that attract you. If you wish, not the theme or humor displayed making the display mannequin attractive.
  • Keep it less: For a jeans shop selling other apparels also, having a lower half mannequin is enough. Having a mannequin with perfect jeans is enough to bring buyers. Even keeping it less with fewer items on the mannequin reveals the minimalist aesthetic is valuable and offers in silence a true fashion advice.
  • Good lighting: There is a need to invest in good lighting that is not harsh, but well-lit to bring a difference.
  • Change of seasons: Window displays must be changed with seasons to ensure a fresh look. Be mindful of holidays and seasons.
  • Keep it clean: Clean the glass clean that offers a view of the display mannequins and also clean the mannequin. An unkempt window display or a display with a dusty appeal may drive away viewers.

It is important to update the mannequins on display. There are excellent mannequins available now; you need new eyes to catch to show off.