There several good reasons to support family owned food suppliers in your area, they are usually involved in community events and most of their staff members live locally. When you shopat some of the multinational chains scattered throughout the country, you don’t get the same feel and appreciation as you would from a local business. Here are 5 great reasons to shop with UK owned suppliers.

  • Local Character & Originality

We now live in an increasingly homogenised world, and when it comes to shopping, large transnational food chains lack the character and personality of family run, locally owned businesses. People are getting bored going to massive food stores to look for shopping, most of the time they don’t converse with any other person in the shop and at the checkout they are usually greeted by a self-service counter which is entirely automated. Shopping can be fun when it is done with local suppliers who greet you with a smile and a joke as you go about your weekly food errands.

  • Sustainability

Locally run businesses help to sustain the local economy by giving back to the community in the form of employment and other areas. They offer work for numerous individuals, allowing them to earn a living and support their family. There are also indirect advantagesofsupporting local suppliers, the money circulates around the community, enabling other members of the public to benefit from local enterprises. They help towns become economically sustainable by circulating business and linking companies with other markets in the surrounding area.

  • Local Decision Making

Supporting local food suppliers means you help them to flourish, they can continue to expand and create even more employment for the local community. They have a vested interest in the area and when it comes to making decisions they always consider the impact they’ll have on the local economy and their people.

  • Local Investment

They keep money in the local economy by dealing with other local businesses, for example, a food supplier based in the UK, may send hampers or gift boxes to Sussex for companies who are situated in their locality, the money made from these products goes towards paying staff members, these employees live locally, meaning it’s quite possible that they’ll spend their wages with one of the companies who received the hampers or gift boxes in Sussex in the first place. The local economy benefits from local investment.

  • Help the Environment

If you choose to shop locally, the chances are you can either walk or cycle to your local food supplier, cutting out the need for public or private transport. It is the perfect opportunity to reduce emissions and give back to the environment, it also reduces the need for delivery vehicles to send out food.

The list above mentions just a select few reasons to support locally owned, family run businesses. They help the local economy in numerous ways, they keep money in the area and increase trading. They also help the community keep its character by employing local people to run their organisation.