If there ever was a tropical paradise steeped richly in history, culture,and tradition while being the cornerstone of human ingenuity and technological expertise combined with art, Singapore would be at the top of the list by a huge gap.

Apart from being a lot more affordable than most European countries and within easy access of Asia, it has emerged to be a vacation destination that is sought after by a huge population. What adds to the charm is that the legal framework is very strong and Singapore is a very safe country for solo travelers as well. Add to that easy access to every corner due to superior infrastructure and great public transport options, Singapore is a traveler’s dream come true.

Below are listed the 5 best places to visit in Singapore if you truly want to enjoy your visit there.

1.     Singapore Flyer:

Want to look at a majority of Singapore’s greatest architectural marvels in one go? Don’t worry- the Singapore Flyer’s got your back! Just get onto this amazing Ferriswheel-inspired ride that lets you take a bird’s eye 360-degree view of Singapore from a height of 165 meters- approximately 42 stories.

The ride has 28 air-condition edcapsules which have walls made of glass to enable you to have a great view throughout the ride. The ride itself extends for about half an hour, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the scenic beauty and click all the pictures you want to. You can also use this time to look upon the various tourist attractions around you and decide upon which attractions you want to visit.

A few of the famous tourist spots you can view from this ride are Merlion Park, Raffles Palace, Marina Bay, Singapore River, Empress Palace and Padang.

2.     Universal Studios:

Located at the scenic and extremely beautiful SentosaIsland, Universal Studios is a dream come true for all movie fans. With rides and guest attractions developed along the themes of famous Universal Studios movies and TV series such as Jurassic Park, Madagascar Series, and Battle star Galactica, this venue is sure to excite both kids and adults alike. Watch live shows, plays, animated clips or just lounge around in a restaurant or bar on the premises.

If that weren’t enough, it plays host to six amazing roller coaster rides which keep you, literally, on the edge of your seats.

Be prepared to spend an entire day on this amazing experience, and we promise you, you won’t regret a single minute of it.

3.     Singapore Night Safari:

Located right next to the Singapore zoo, the night safari is something worth dying for. It puts several animals which are nocturnal in your view at night so that you can see them as they would be in their natural settings. Keep in mind that flash photography is not permitted here.

The entire venue is lit up by dim lightbulbs which mimic the brightness of the full moon so as to not disturb the animals there. You can get an amazing sense of calm and tranquility here and enjoy the serene environment.

There are also special shows with some of the animals which are extremely entertaining and informative to watch. The venue also features amazing restaurants with beautiful interiors which are borrowed heavily from the wildlife present there.

4.      Marina Bay:

This is another attraction that can keep you occupied and happy for the entire day.  Among the most beautiful and breathtaking locations in Singapore, it is not only a great tourist attraction but a business hub as well. It is a hub for seasonal events and festivals, shopping venues, architectural marvels and amazing fine dining restaurants.

The best places to visit in this cluster are the Gardens bay, which is also known as the Super tree grove- a veritable forest on the roof of the multistoried building and the Esplanade which is the cultural center with movie halls, concerts,and performances happening regularly.

It also includes other attractions like the Merli on Park- one of the most recognizable locations of Singapore and the Art Science Museum which has several intriguing exhibits.

5.      Underwater World:

Experience marine life like never before in the Underwater World at Sentosa islands. A tranquil place which is underwater and covered by glass domes to enable you to see marine organisms enjoying their natural habitat.

A major attraction is the pink dolphin show which has extremely well trained pink dolphins performing various tricks to keep you entertained. A similar show is presented with the other stars- fur seals.

You can also see giant stingrays, sharks, corals, living fossils like Arapaima, Sea Dragons which are extremely rare and several other animals which show you how beautiful and dangerous marine life can be.


Singapore is surely a place which has the best of all worlds. Whether you love an urban city scape or wish to be surrounded by the lush green nature- whether you want to spend time observing animals in their natural setups or whether you want to see them interact with humans and behave in ways never imagined before, Singapore is among the best holiday destinations in the world.


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